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Alex Nunez's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Alex Nunez

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Roomates [13 May 2006|11:46pm]
[ mood | Bleh ]


So yeah... my cousin Soph is staying with me now. This should be fun.. when we were kids we were inseperable.. shit better not change between us tho or i'll have to kick her ass.. aha. If she lets a guy come between us, I'll kill her. Blood is thicker than water

haven't really seen much of anyone so give me a call to chyll.


[sorry I haven't updated... I just haven't had much of a SL w/ lex<3]

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you gave me the best mix tape I have... [23 Mar 2006|10:40pm]
Hey Stalkers,

well I guess I haven't exactly been alive around here eh? What can I say? I developed some sort of a social life. I've been partying out in montreal, hanging around the apartment with cameron, and basically just living life day to day. Nothing really exciting has happened. Don't get me wrong, cameron is good company.. but yeah ive had more fun hanging out with my grandma. Hah.

So yeah if anyone wants to hang out so I actually have shit to update about. Let me know.

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Counting Stars Wishing I Was Okay... [11 Mar 2006|04:38pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey Stalkers,

Well after the past week or so I can honestly say that life can really suck. Yea Yea, I know, not really a surprise coming from me but hey? what can you do? It's the truth. I have come to the realization that I have absolutely NO life. Isn't that fun? I'm sure some of you are sitting there and saying "Hah. I knew It" well yeah you can all go fuck yourselves, but that doesn't change the fact that you were right.

So yeah I've been hanging with a few people lately. El and Sean, are a few of them. I hung out more with El in the past few weeks than I have in the past 2 years. It's pretty interesting. We hang out, I steal her food, we watch movies. It's kind of weird having a friend whos a chick that doesn't have some form of mental retardation like Amy did. El can actually hold an intellegent conversation. Not that I was shocked, but it was pretty kick ass hanging with her. She promised to make me cookies since I am so fucking cool. What a good friend.

Me and Cameron moved in together. He wanted to move into a cool place but he didn't have enough cash so he convinced me to move in with him. Since my family life isn't exactly satisfying I decided to just do it. What the hell.. it's not like im moving in with someone I can't stand. -- anyway it's been pretty fun actually. Random shoe throwings at 2am, naps, taking eachothers tests-- well technically that was just me taking Camerons Hamlet test in Kwans class... but yeah. we had a conversation because he wouldn't just back the fuck off.. now he knows something I promised myself I would never tell him... isn't that just fucking dandy? whatever.

As for the rest of you that I haven't hung out with -- WHAT THE FUCK? hah.

Paige, did you forget that we are friends? We haven't hung out in a long ass time...

Im out
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Alex Nunez 101 [23 Feb 2006|11:02pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hey Stalkers --

Okay, I guess I have subjected myself to actually acquiring one of these things. Yes I, Alex Nunez, have conformed to the "norm" of society. So shoot me. . one thing that I hate about this place is the fact that if you are hated the second you open your mouth. If you be yourself and you're already screwed and no one cares about the reason behind your actions, they just care that you screwed up. I’m sure every single one of you know what I am talking about, don’t act stupid.. You can have all the school spirit you want, attend all the games or even become a cheerleader, but in the end you all know that this place sucks just as much as the next.

If there is one thing you shouldn’t do in life, judging me would be it. Don't judge me. That's one thing that pisses me off. If you don't know me, then you don't know me -- that’s it. If you don‘t know me then there is no reason for my name to be coming out of your mouth. Simple as that. You shouldn‘t run your mouth about stuff you don‘t know, it just proves my theory about everyone being ignorant.. If you don’t want to know me, that’s your problem. Most likely I don’t want to know you either. Then again you probably do want to know me if you are still reading this.

You guys are free to pass your judgments on me, its in the first ammendment. Who am I to go against that. However, you’d be wise to keep your opinions to yourself. I'm not a bad person. You would know that if you were my friend. I know it is shocking that I have friends -- but yeah I do. Some pretty kick ass ones if you ask me. They are obviously cool if they are seen with me. Yeah I’m not conceited either. As surprising as it is, I do have a heart. I’m pretty sure that you have heard about it being broken at some point or another. Everyone seems to know about that. I don’t intend on elaborating on it because it obviously isn’t worth it anymore. I’m not the type to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I am also not the type to let just anyone in. After all the crap that went on with my mom and her asshole Chad, I have come to the realization that all you get out of it, is pain

Despite my ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude, I really don’t hate people the second I meet them. Most of the time all it takes is for them to start talking. Hah. Just kidding, I usually tolerate someone until they give me a reason to dislike them. With me its more like guilty until proven innocent. Not that sappy shit about innocent until proven guilty. Things don’t fly that way with me. They never have. I know that violence is never the right way to go, but if you push me over the edge.. We are going to have some problems. Just a warning.

However, I have changed over the past few years. I am no longer the first one to fight. I also have more tolerance for people. I am even best friends with the head cheerleader and the gay president. I don’t care about that kind of shit anymore. It doesn’t faze me anymore. These people are cool in my book and that’s all that matters.

Damn, I have already spent more than enough time enlightening you people. You already know too much about me so I’m just going to go to work. Meeri decided she was tired and wanted to go home so I have to go in. Give me a call or whatever. The screename is --> Im Just Alex Ox <-- Im it and add it.


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